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I originally started this site as a philosophical extension to my previous occupation working as an analyst in the aerospace and defence sector. However, life took a turn as I embarked on a new journey and have come far in it. That being said, lately I realised that National Defence and Security is a much wider and complex gamut of affairs and permeates in different layers of theĀ Rashtra.

Overall progress, strength and resilience of a nation, is pillared not only on the military strength is possesses. But several intertwined complex factors, right from the core philosophies, national temperament, the loyalty of its citizen, civil-society, culture, demography, industry, agriculture…this list is endless and non-exhaustive as the world keeps evolving.

As our country struggled though the wretched Covid pandemic, I had this increased realisation that geo-politics is a heartless endeavour. Millions of lives don’t matter for nations and foreign interests (religious, mercantile/corporate, criminal, etc.) seeking to reap profit, power and political mileage. They will use every trick of the trade to realise their ambitions despite the damage that may be incurred to the lives of millions or billions (including paying politicians to denigrate a domestically produced vaccine who as well are gleefully willing to wash their hands in blood without a sigh; this was my watershed). Also, in the previous age, before internet and social media boomed, most these entities did not have access to the common citizen. However, that is no more the case.

In such a scenario, what is necessary is that nation develops a common conscious, a culture, which protects the interest of it’s citizen and the Rashtra. The paradigm of national security thus has to evolve and embrace the new age. Move faster than that it has ever had while being precise enough mitigating erosion of civil liberties, especially as the warzone expands to digital, economic and personal space of the population.

Thus to deliberate on the various facets of national security and building a stronger Rashtra, I am rechartering this blog/website in order refine and redefine our ideas.

Contributing posts are invited and I am interested to hear all sides of the equation, including those which are extremely divergent from my personal view. However, I’ll exercise discretion in this area.

Yours Truly,

Himanshu Chauhan

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